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Landscape Maintenance
Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Service New Orleans - Big Easy Landscaping

Trusted New Orleans Landscape Maintenance Contractor

Imagine having a green lawn, trimmed bushes, and big, beautiful flowers that will gain the admiration of all your friends and neighbors. All of that beauty and pristine landscape comes at a price: maintenance and care.

To achieve such beauty, you have to invest time in weeding, mowing, edging and aerating, which means that you could end up spending hours each week just maintaining your lawn.  Unfortunately, not all of us have that much time.

Rather than spend your precious weekend hours out in the hot sun, let the landscape maintenance specialists at Big Easy Landscaping take care of keeping your yard looking its best. We’ll do all the hard work and heavy lifting so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your outdoor living spaces.

Who Can Benefit from Landscape Maintenance Services in New Orleans?

Landscape maintenance is the perfect solution for homeowners everywhere who want to keep their yards looking great without getting their hands dirty.

Our landscape maintenance services are perfect solutions for:

  • Families with young children
  • Busy professionals
  • Those with a brown thumb (i.e. you kill all of your houseplants)
  • Retirees

… and more!

What Are the Benefits of Our Lawn & Landscape Maintenance Services?

Get improved curb appeal without having to do lawn care on your own! The benefits of landscape maintenance services are numerous such as:

  • Better grass & plant health
  • Increased free time
  • Boost your home’s curb appeal
  • Potentially improved home value
  • Better drainage
  • Reduced risk of pests & emergency damage
  • Expert advice on the right types of plants for your lawn
  • The beautiful landscaping you’ve always wanted!

What’s Included in Our Landscaping Services?

Landscape Maintenance - Big Easy Landscaping At Big Easy Landscaping, we want to help you acquire the lawn of your dreams. That’s why we take care of every task necessary to keep your landscaping healthy and beautiful.

Our landscape specialists and expert care technicians can help you with:

Lawn mowing: Overgrown weeds, grass, etc. are unsightly and not good for the health of your lawn. We can take care of that for you with fast, efficient, and affordable lawn trimming services.

Push mowing & bagging: For manicured lawns, keep them in tip-top condition with this value-added service.

Weeding: Weeds take vital water and nutrients away from the plants you actually want in your yard. With our weeding service, you no longer have to worry about getting dirt on your hands or knees as our experts will take care of that for you!

Deadheading: Increases flower production by removing dead blooms and leaves, redirecting nutrients to newer buds.

Tree & shrub pruning: Removes overgrown or dead branches and improve the look and health of your trees and shrubs!

Mulching: Prevents weed growth and help your plants retain moisture and proper soil temperature with high-quality mulch.

Edging: Why not create an inviting flower-lined path for your guests? Our team can create beautiful edging along driveways and walkways.

Fertilization: Proper fertilization is necessary for healthy plants. Let us find the right balance in minerals and pH levels to make your garden “pop”.

Fill dirt: Runoff can deplete the nutrients in your soil. Fill dirt helps replenish your yard with healthy, nutrient-rich soil for better-looking plants.

Spent foliage removal: Keep your yard’s appearance in top condition. Let us remove dead foliage to get the green back!

Leaf removal: Why waste your time raking or leaf-blowing? We can do it for you!

New Orleans Residents Love Big Easy Landscaping!

The proof is in the pudding as they say. And with years of experience helping homeowners like yourself get the landscape they’ve always wanted, we’ve built up quite a solid reputation for ourselves as a leading provider of lawn care services in the area.

Take a look below at what a few satisfied customers had to say about us:

“These guys are the only landscaping company I’d use at this point. They do a really good job of making it MORE than “just a landscaping service”. They’re really friendly, and every time they come over now, I make it a point to go outside and have a quick conversation to see how everyone is, and even offer them snacks & water while they’re over, because I have a pretty large property. I never did that with any other landscaper because I felt like the other ones just came in and out as fast as they could.” – Kent S.

“I have a cottage in the summer in NOLA, and for the past few years, I’ve relied on Big Easy to help keep it nice and groomed because I’m not there regularly enough to do so myself. All I can say is that whenever I host friends & family for barbecues and such, they always comment on the landscaping work.” – Maryanne L.

“We are very particular in our lawn, that’s why we needed the best lawn care services to maintain it. I called Big Easy Landscaping when I came across it online and I was given an initial quote right away and a visit the next day. I met up with the landscaper and I was very impressed with how thorough he was when it comes to explaining everything in detail to me. I was sold right away and I hired them and their workers started pruning my lawn the next day. Now, they are my go-to when it comes to my landscaping.” – Wesley R.

About Big Easy Landscaping – Landscaping Maintenance

We’re more than just the guys that come, mow your grass, and leave. Our commitment to exceptional customer service means we work hard to exceed your expectations every step of the way. From your first consultation to final treatment, you can count on the New Orleans landscape maintenance specialists at Big Easy Landscaping!

Our husband-and-wife team of owners turned their love of beautiful yards into a business, so you get passionate care for all your landscaping needs.

  • Big Easy Landscaping is a renowned landscaper in New Orleans
  • Over the years, we continue to deliver excellent landscaping services in the area
  • Let our landscape designers and architects turn your outdoor living space into a work of art! Learn about our landscaping management services.

Other Landscaping & Lawn Care Services

Not only does Big Easy Landscaping offer affordable, reliable landscape maintenance services, we also provide a broad range of services tailored to help make your outdoor living space a place to relax and admire.

Our other services include:

Patios: Enjoy your well-maintained yard from a beautiful, custom-designed patio.
Water features: Enhance that gorgeous landscaping with a waterfall, pond, or other water feature.
Pavestone driveways: Get classic style with a modern twist with a brand-new pavestone driveway. Bonus: The spaces between pavers improve water runoff, meaning fewer puddles!
Outdoor kitchens: Do you love entertaining while grilling with your loved ones? Get your very own custom outdoor kitchen from Big Easy Landscaping so you can create delicious dishes outdoors!
Drainage: What good is a beautiful lawn if it’s always full of puddles after it rains? Our landscape specialists can help you improve the drainage with surface or sub-surface drainage options.

Ready to learn more about how Big Easy Landscaping can help you improve the look and utility of your lawn or garden? Contact us today and connect with one of our friendly lawn design and maintenance specialists. We’d love to hear from you.

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