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Landscaping Management Services

Big Easy Landscaping – Top-Rated New Orleans Landscape Management Services

Picture this: You’ve spent what feels like forever just waiting for the summer to start. When that day finally comes around, you’re so ready. You just can’t wait to get out in your backyard! The sun is beating down, you call up your friends and you head outside, tongs in hand, to fire up that barbeque.

Only when you step outside, there’s a problem.

What greets you outside is a backyard that’s looking more than just a little bit neglected. Your patio furniture is rusty, your lawn is lackluster, and it’s all looking a little more ‘dumping ground’ than ‘playground’. The last thing you want to be doing on such a glorious day is working up a sweat clearing out that backyard. You should be behind that grill making memories with friends and family.

Does this sound all-too-familiar? Relax. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way Big Easy Landscaping can help you prepare for your best summer ever. Whatever you’re hoping to achieve, we can help you to take your backyard from drab to dreamy. Whether you’re looking to create the perfect place to relax or you want your yard to be the summer hangout for all your family and friends, we can turn your vision into a reality. All you have to do is relax!

Look no further for landscapers in New Orleans Louisiana

Whether you’re looking for a radical transformation or you just want to make a few changes, look no further for landscapers in New Orleans Louisiana. Our expert team can guide you through every stage of the process. From helping you choose the materials to build your vision to maintaining your new outside space, we’ve got it all covered. We’re here to get you started on your landscaping journey. Why is landscaping important for my home?

  • Improve your outdoors with the help of our landscaping company here in New Orleans
  • Our reputable landscape management will ensure that you have a more functional and beautiful outdoor living space
  • With a team of top-rated landscape architects and landscape designers, you can expect good results!

Good landscaping can improve your personal well-being and your quality of life significantly. Your outdoor space should be an extension of your home, so why not treat it with the same love and care?

By landscaping your outdoor space, you are giving yourself a whole other place in which to relax and enjoy your home with friends and family. What’s more, good landscaping won’t only improve your quality of life, it can add value to your property, too.

Benefits Include:

Improved usability of space
Enhanced aesthetic design and curb appeal
Increased value of your property
Improved irrigation and drainage
And more…

Who can benefit from landscaping services?

Landscape Management New Orleans - Big Easy Landscaping Anyone with a yard or outdoor living space can benefit from our landscaping services. We’ve worked to create amazing outdoor spaces both large and small for residential and commercial clients alike. If you have an outdoor space, we can help you to maximize it’s potential. No improvement is too big or too small and small improvements can have a significant impact.

Why should I use a professional landscaping service?

Working with a landscape professional will save you both time and money. With our 14 years of landscaping experience, we can advise you on everything from lawn care to the best durable materials, making sure that your outdoor space stays in the best condition for as long as possible.

By working with a professional landscaping service, you are investing in long-term quality results, meaning there will be less need to replace or rebuild in the future. You’ll be able to step out into your backyard and enjoy it year after year.

Landscaping Maintenance – A Passion for Delivering to the Best Possible Standard

Landscaping isn’t just our job, it’s our passion. We’re proud to deliver our work to the highest possible standard. Our top-rated experts will work with you to deliver the yard of your dreams, tailored to meet your unique vision What we offer…

  • Free consultation
  • 1-year maintenance agreement
  • A range of services tailored to each client’s needs
  • Over 14 years experience and passion for landscaping in New Orleans
  • Hundreds of satisfied clients
  • A reputation you can count on



A consistent point of contact – we are the faces you’ll meet from day one. A service that you can trust – see what our happy customers had to say about us below:

We’re proud to deliver the highest quality of landscaping in New Orleans. But don’t just take our word for it. We’ve exceeded the expectations of hundreds of happy clients. Just take a look below to see what some of them have to say about Big Easy Landscaping New Orleans.

“The job they did on my driveway has left me feeling nothing short of astounded. We wanted to make the driveway look like a true entrance of a palace of sorts, something significant, and eventful, and we decided to do so by having an assortment of beautifully colored flowers and hedges along the sides of the driveway. These guys absolutely nailed it.”

“My wife’s garden in our backyard is her prized possession on all of our property, and these guys made it even better… As usual, I love working with the guys here because they are always able to execute my wife’s vision to a T.”

“You guys have transformed my backyard from basically a wasted space, to now a place that I consider to be tranquil, a place I love spending time in and just relaxing.”

About Us

Big Easy Landscaping New Orleans is a husband and wife team with over 14 years of experience and a passion for landscaping in New Orleans. We offer a variety of services that cater to each and every client’s needs.

From the first free consultation, we’ll provide the best landscape service tailored to your preference. We value each and every client we meet and we pride ourselves on building trusting and successful relationships. Our dedication is driven by a passion to serve our clients by listening to your individual needs and wishes. We’ll always deliver services that meet our client’s expectations and we always stay true to our word!

Landscaping Maintenance – Building Your Vision

From tailored outdoor living spaces and impressive landscape transformations to yard maintenance and upkeep, we offer a range of services.

Every service we offer is tailored to meet the needs and wishes of our clients. Below are just a few of the services we deliver:

  • Drainage
  • Landscaping enhancements
  • Landscape lighting
  • Path lighting and accent lighting
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Sod and fill dirt
  • Water features
  • Concrete driveways
  • Landscape construction
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Walkways
  • Pergolas and gazebos
  • Pavestone driveways
  • Patios
  • Outdoor home decks

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your needs. NOLA – The place we’re proud to call home.

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Big Easy Landscaping & Property Management is dedicated to keeping your lawns beautiful and well-maitained. We specialize in commercial and.

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