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When it comes to your Louisiana outdoor living space, no team has the experience, passion, and dedication to beautifying your New Orleans landscape than Big Easy Landscaping has.

Landscape Enhancements for your Home

Your home is your castle, your place of refuge, safety, and relaxation. But your home doesn’t just end at the interior of those four walls. Your “home” also includes the outdoor living spaces and yard surrounding your structure.

Your outdoor area can serve as a place to sit back and relax, host guests and parties, or enjoy the serenity of nature. For some NOLA residents, landscaping can be a therapeutic activity. In fact, gardening and yard work has been shown to improve mood, reduce anxiety, and depression, and even enhance mental clarity and focus.

But even if you’re too busy to “deal” with upkeep, you can still enjoy all the benefits landscape enhancements have to offer by hiring a local, trusted, and affordable landscaping partner like Big Easy Landscaping.

Landscape Enhancements in New Orleans

New Orleans is a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family in. From its vibrant nightlife to its rich cultural history and impressive architecture, you can’t go wrong with making it your home.

At Big Easy Landscaping, our professional and experienced team of top-rated landscapers can help transform your New Orleans landscape into a masterpiece that will both compliment your home’s aesthetic and make your outdoor space the envy of all your neighbors.

Landscape Enhancement Benefits

Landscape enhancements for your New Orleans home have countless benefits, each specific to your unique situation and goals.

Below are a few of the common benefits our customers experience:

  • Create new spaces to host guest and enjoy outdoor living
  • Beautify your yard, lawn, garden, driveway or patio
  • Increase home/property value and curb appeal
  • Improve and enhance the environment
  • Enhance safety with lighting and pathways
  • Optimize drainage

And more…

Why Big Easy Landscaping?

There are countless reasons why Big Easy Landscaping in NOLA’s “go to” for impressive landscape ideas and implementation.

Consider the following:

What are you waiting for? Give our friendly local team a call today. Our service staff is ready and excited to learn how they can help you turn your landscaping ideas into reality.

No matter what your vision or goals for your outdoor space are, Big Easy Landscaping can help. Give us a call today to learn more about our affordable, highly reviewed services today.

See What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

With over 14 years in business, we’ve built up a track record of satisfied customers that are happy to brag about us online.

Check out just a few of our hundreds of positive reviews below:

“I feel like in my experience, choosing a landscaper has been similar to choosing a barber — there’s a lot of companies that offer a similar service, even with similar pricing, but there’s only one that can sculpt something that seems sharp and fits your vision for the project perfectly. That company, as my landscaper (not my barber!) is Big Easy Landscaping.” – Lane Anderson

“Months ago my lawn looked dead. Brown grass, and devoid of flowers. As soon as their team came along, my lawn looks brand new! A fresh lawn is all it takes to reclaim its beauty. Thank you!” – Matthew Holmes

“These guys are the only landscaping company I’d use at this point. They do a really good job of making it MORE than “just a landscaping service”. They’re really friendly, and every time they come over now, I make it a point to go outside and have a quick conversation to see how everyone is, and even offer them snacks & water while they’re over, because I have a pretty large property. I never did that with any other landscaper because I felt like the other ones just came in and out as fast as they could.” – Kent Swanson

Ready to add your name to our list of satisfied customers? Give us a call today!

Other High-Quality Services we Provide

Landscape enhancements aren’t all we do. We live and breathe landscaping and outdoor living enhancements, providing a broad range of affordable and high-value services to help enhance your outdoor space.

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Our Reputation Precedes Us

We’ve been serving New Orleans and the surrounding areas for over 14 years, creating several satisfied customers and life-long relationships. You don’t have to take our word on the quality of our service— just listen to what our clients have to say!

They arrived at my dad’s place an hour before so they can discuss the type of concrete driveway needed to install. I love how professional these guys are and know what they’re talking about. I’ll definitely get a service for my own yard soon.

Kevin Hope

January 21, 2020 via Google

I enlisted Big Easy Landscaping help since I don’t know much about landscape upkeep. I wanted to do something for my mother since she loves to stay in her garden all the time. She loved what you guys did with her yard and was delighted with the new flowerbeds.

Louis Sellers

January 14, 2020 via Google

I enlisted Big Easy Landscaping help since I don’t know much about landscape upkeep. I wanted to do something for my mother since she loves to stay in her garden all the time. She loved what you guys did with her yard and was delighted with the new flowerbeds.

Douglas Ward

November 20, 2019 via Google

A lot of have recommended Big Easy Landscaping to me and sure enough, this company did a great job on my yard. I love the pavestone driveway they put in my small garden. Looking forward to get more of their services!

Steven Walls

December 4, 2019 via Google

My sister recommended Big Easy Landscaping to me so I gave it a go. I wanted to have a pergola near the foyer, so I drove to their office and told them what I need. The guys arrived on time, they did some measurements and before I know it they’re done. Fast, smooth, and hassle-free…

James Tang

December 27, 2019 via Google

So my husband and I bought a house with a large yard and decided to ask Big Easy Landscaping to work their magic. It took about a month or so, but the wait is worth it. The once barren area is now a beautiful lush area perfect for morning coffee and brunch with family and friends.

Mina Foreman

November 25, 2019 via Google

I love what they did to my garden! It’s nice seeing it everytime I wake up in the morning. Plus, I got their maintenance service to help keep my yard constantly beautiful.

Dominga Stclair

November 18, 2019 via Google

Who would’ve known that I can find affordable landscaping from this place? Love the discounts and the people behind it because of their professionalism and dedication to quality services. I wouldn’t trade it for another landscaping company.

Louis Teeple

January 1, 2020 via Google