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Garden Gates
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New Orleans Garden Gates – A Simple Yet Sophisticated Upgrade to Your Arm

Gates can complement your home and landscape design in a way that offers a variety of enhancements.

Backyard gates not only add aesthetic prestige to your home while boosting your property value, but they add a layer of security that will make you and your family feel safe and secure.

The type of gate best suited for your home or driveway will depend on the amount of available space and the objectives you have for your home.

A swing gate, for example, needs more space from the driveway to the curb though there is less space needed from side to side.

The team at Big Easy Landscaping has been serving New Orleans residents for several years with landscaping services and products.

New Orleans Garden Gates for Sale

Our experts will only help make your gate more attractive and more secure.
We believe in customer service beyond the sale and installation of your entrance.

To us, your business is a privilege that we don’t take lightly.
We pride ourselves in being able to help you find a gate that you’ll not only love but feel safe behind.

For your gates, Big Easy Landscaping also makes sure to use the best quality materials so you can enjoy the gate for decades to come.

Still, as far as the budget for your installation concerned, we will assist through consultation and additional necessary parts like gate pieces and labor costs.

Your home’s gates have a lot to do with curb appeal and the first impression that the property gives visitors.

The height of the gate should relate to the height of the fence or the wall. Another thing to keep in mind is that the hardware should always be of the highest quality. Durable and attractive gate hinges and latches are going to increase the appeal and effectiveness of the gate.

Types of Garden Gates

White Fences - Landscaping Considering there are costs and labor involved, you have to be sure that you are choosing the best options.

The purpose of your new gate is not only to protect the garden or your property as a whole, but it can also set the tone for the backyard.

  1. Wooden Garden Gates

    A wooden garden gate design will provide a relaxed and welcoming entrance to the garden. They usually come with a solid design if your concern happens to be privacy or an open picket style.

    The tops of some wooden garden gates design are curved or scalloped, which is entirely your choice.

    Coating or paint can also transform a wooden gate into an artistic doorway into your landscape. In the same way as doors, gates made of wood can also have windows or even deadbolts.

    If you prefer a wood gate, you can select a type that is well suited for the outdoors. Keep in mind that wood is more susceptible to harsh weather and damage from insects than others.

    Popular types of wood for outdoor gates include pressure-treated boards, redwood, and western red cedar.

  2. Vinyl Gates

    The advantage of vinyl gates is that they need very little maintenance.Vinyl gates, by their very nature, do not rust or rot, and they often last for a far longer time than wood or metal options.

    Most people use light colors for vinyl gates, and white and beige are the most common.

    It should be noted, though, that with vinyl you will have the ability to choose from a wider array of styles than other materials, which includes pickets and lattice designs.

  3. Wrought Iron

Wrought-iron gates are the most popular ornamental type of gate, likely because they give a classic feel to the yard or garden.

These custom-crafted gates also have much of their popularity thanks to the fact they can be created with intricate designs and patterns.

Wrought-iron gates can also be designed to look like trees or shrubbery.

Others may display a family name or crest while others have animals worked into the design.

Wrought iron gates are also especially durable and resistant to weather conditions.

We would also like to note that many of these gates are technically not wrought-iron but powder-coated steel crafted to look like the traditional wrought iron style while offering additional strength, longevity, and security.

Why Install a Garden Gate?

garden design - Big Easy Landscaping It can be a tough decision to decide whether to change the appearance of your property at all times.

Luckily, garden gates are fairly straightforward to install and remove again.
That being said, the attractive gates available from us won’t leave you wanting to remove them anytime soon.


A strong gate deters and prevents unwanted people and vehicles from entering your driveway or property.

If the goal is more security, consider integrating a driveway gate with some closed-circuit or cloud-enabled cameras along with an intercom system.

Strong Materials

Our garden gates are made from the highest quality materials, meaning they are reliably sturdy.

Materials like steel are incredibly durable and will go the distance. Even our wrought iron garden gates are designed to be corrosion resistant and nearly impossible to break.


A garden gate lets you control access to specific parts of your property and home.

Unfortunately, when it’s raining, no one will volunteer to go out and open or close it.

That’s where automatic driveway gates come into the picture as they can be controlled using electronic cards, vehicle tags, and remote controls.

We provide access control settings that give users the chance to enter and exit a secure property with ease and efficiency.

Increase Property Value

Along with providing your family with additional security, an attractive gate from Big Easy Landscaping will increase the property value of your home.

Automatic driveway gates may add as much as five percent to the value of the property. They also tremendously increase curb appeal, making it easier to sell if you decide to put it on the market.

Protection for Pets and Children

Apart from providing a safe boundary for your property, gates also offer added safety for children and pets.

With a gate in place, you can make sure that as people come in and out of the property, the gate will close after the fact so children and pets don’t end up wandering into the street.

Other Advantages

Gates can also reduce the noise caused by traffic and nearby facilities like schools or playgrounds.

Due to the aesthetics, gates can also improve the overall stature and look of the property. They also offer a finishing touch similar to a frame around a beautiful painting.

Metal Garden Gates, Wooden Gates, and More

Whether you opt for a metal or wooden gate, we’re going to make sure to provide you with one that best suits your needs, wants, and style.

Know more about our garden gates by calling us today! See more of our landscape enhancements in New Orleans.


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