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Sod & Fill Dirt
Big Easy Landscaping Enhancement Services New Orleans - Sod and Fill Dirt


Creating or building a landscape requires time, dedication, cost, and even patience. As what others said, you need to have a feel for landscaping, which means if you don’t like what you’re doing, you’ll just create chaos and more problems in the long run.

Big Easy Landscaping New Orleans was born out from two people’s passion for landscaping and this reflects our company’s service philosophy; it is central to our dedication not just for our wide range of services, but for our clients as well.

Our services range from:

  • Landscape maintenance, to make your landscape look brand new.

  • Enhancements, to bring life to your landscape.

  • Landscape lighting.

  • Pressure washing, to spruce up your home and landscape.

  • Irrigation system to keep your lawns and grasses fresh.


Quality SOD and Dirt Filling New Orleans

  • We have high quality fill dirt to help level your backyard
  • We only offer affordable fill soil for sale
  • We have professional landscape designers to help you out
  • We are the top rated sod & fill dirt provider in Louisiana
  • You can only count on good sod in New Orleans with us
  • The quality of our mulch is highly recommended here in LA


Besides these services, we also provide sod and dirt filling to repair or enhance the look of your landscape. You cannot avoid that some parts or even your entire landscape have gaps in them, exposing dirt, making it an unpleasant sight. Not to mention the common occurrences in your landscapes such as ruts, holes, and low spots that can become a safety hazard.

Uneven lawns are caused by a variety of factors such as:

Wet soil: Ruts usually occur when a wet soil is run over by heavy or rolling objects such as bicycles. It is recommended to install a drain around your landscape in order to prevent ruts from building up.

Too much weight: This could be in a form of heavy equipment such as service trucks going back and forth doing projects for your landscape. The vehicle’s wheels alone are the culprit in wreaking havoc to your lawn.

Rotten trash or decomposed tree roots: A hole in your lawn means a subsidence in the soil. This is caused by buried trash or tree root that decomposed for a long time. Make sure that your landscape’s soil is in the best of health by getting rid of decomposed trash or roots.

Best Landscape Grass SOD Service in Louisiana

If you have a new home or business, we can create a new lawn for you. We can also repair or enhance the beauty of your existing lawn. A proper placement of dirt and sod can solve your low spot problems, as well as your need for better drainage. Fresh sod and dirt placement can also give your lawn a makeover so that it is lush, thick, healthy, and vibrant in color.

Big Easy Landscaping New Orleans have the available services to bring back the beauty of your lawn and landscape. With our sod service New Orleans, rest assured you won’t be encountering the common problems people face when they’re building and maintaining their landscape. Our team will do the required steps to remove your holes and ruts in your landscape. We harvest and deliver fresh sod right at your doorstep and will immediately apply it to your landscape. The laying out process is similar to laying bricks and can take a while, depending on the size of your landscape. Once that’s done, our team will smooth it out with a lawn roller, removing rough spots and gaps to prevent soil from spilling out.

We don’t want our clients running into any problems with their landscapes, so we ensure that these types of issues are kept at bay with our sod and dirt services in Louisiana. We will provide you a free consultation or a quote, should you want to avail of this service. Rest assured that you and your landscape are in good hands with Big Easy Landscaping, your best landscape service in Louisiana.




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