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New Orleans style patio designs - Big Easy Landscaping


For outstanding and functional patios, you can never go wrong here at Big Easy Landscaping. We pride ourselves in delivering only the highest quality of work when it comes to our patio services.

The Patio Of Your Dreams

  • We offer the best New Orleans style patio designs
  • We have an excellent selection of patio designs for small backyards
  • Get that New Orleans style patio design that you’ve been looking for!
  • We only provide high quality patio design service
  • We have the top rated landscape patio designers in Louisiana


Create an outdoor home addition with Big Easy Landscaping and you will have the best value for your money. Our experienced contractors will help you build the patio of your dreams. Have the patio that you want in your choice of style and design that will blend well with the existing design features of your home.

Big Easy Landscaping Only Uses The Best Materials for Our Patio Projects

We are the leading installer of paving products and retaining wall systems in a variety of shapes, colors and surface finishes. Big Easy Landscaping only makes use of the most durable materials for your patio projects. Aside from this, we also use several types of natural stone and veneer stones in our hardscape installations. These are perfect for decorative purposes on your walls, pathways, seat walls, outdoor kitchens and many more.

All of our patios are custom-designed. So, rest assured that whatever it is that you want to achieve, Big Easy Landscaping will help turn your patio dreams into reality.

How We Work

Our contractors will come to your house, discuss with you your ideas, check the specific site where you wish the patio to be built and we will come up with a detailed analysis and design for you. Here at our company, we don’t say no to a project no matter how complex it is. Trust that our expertise can find a way around the most complex projects because that’s what we do best. Big Easy Landscaping can give you the best patio for your home.

You can rely on our contractors to do the work flawlessly; from laying stone and sod, planting trees and shrubs, creating the patio, and adding finishing touches — you will know that you’re in good hands once we’re done with your patio.

You Are Guaranteed 100% Quality

Our goal here at Big Easy Landscaping is to provide you 100% quality. Aside from delivering on time, you can guarantee the highest quality of work on every detail of our patio job.

The Cost of Big Easy Landscaping Patio Services

When it comes to the cost of our patio services, rest assured that we only offer the most reasonable prices. For the highest quality of work, you can guarantee that every penny that you will spend on us will be worth it. As mentioned above, we bring value to your money through our outstanding patio work that is unmatchable through the years.

With the help of Big Easy Landscaping, you can now enjoy your yard in a whole new way. Enjoy the sunset, entertain family and friends, or simply have a relaxing time in your patio every day. The patio that we will make for you will totally complement your house and your lifestyle.

Having a patio at home is truly life-changing and investing in the best contractors is the best thing that you can do. That is why Big Easy Landscaping is here to deliver to you the results that you seek.




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