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Landscape Lighting – Path Lighting & Accent Lighting

Big Easy Landscape Lighting New Orleans

New Orleans Outdoor Ligthing Service – Top Landscape Lighting Designer LA

Landscapes should still shine, even after the sun goes down. Provide your landscape with the best illumination with Big Easy Landscaping’s various lighting services. Whether you want to add lighting as a decoration or use one for safety, our selection of outdoor lighting design installation will ensure that your landscape receives the treatment and safety it deserves.

Ambient lightings also create a certain mood in the area, making your landscape a tempting place to laze around, even at night. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere ambient lights bring under the moon and stars with Big Easy Landscaping outdoor lighting service Louisiana.

Outdoor illumination has become increasingly popular to not only enhance your home but also your landscape. Landscape lighting can highlight or accent a favorite planting or feature and will provide a dramatic effect exactly as it was meant to be. Lighting can also increase security around your home or create the/an ambiance glowing from your sculptured landscape. Simple soft path lighting will invite a guest right to your front door. We provide both traditional incandescent fixture systems, as well as low voltage LED lighting that can give you the look you want at the cost you deserve. 

New Orleans Style Outdoor Lighting Specialists

Big Easy lighting design specialists are some of the best-trained lighting designers in the industry today. With experience and skills, our lighting design specialists Louisiana are well-versed in light installations specifically for landscapes. Besides the following skill sets, our team of specialists always practice the standard safety precautions during installation, as well as ensure that the following outdoor or ambient lightnings in your landscape won’t bring serious injury to you and your home. Our free consultation will give you a head start in a lighting installation. This also means having to sit down and talk with us, along with our lighting specialists to go over the details of your landscape area that needs a light installation.

Accent lightings are also available in our roster of landscape lighting service New Orleans for clients who want to add more beauty to their landscape. Accent lightings provide a unique aesthetic to a landscape, even if you opt for a simple light system or have a single light installed in the area.

Your landscape walkways deserves a glow even in the darkness of nights. All these are possible with Big Easy Landscaping lighting services Louisiana. Visit us now for a free consultation or get a quote from our page.




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