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Landscape Construction
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When availing of a landscape construction service, you need to understand that it’s divided into to two categories: hardscape and softscape. Gaining a better understanding of the two can help when selecting specific landscape services. Here at Big Easy Landscaping, we want our clients to be aware of what they are signing up for before letting them sign into one of our landscape construction services we offer here in New Orleans.

  • Big Easy Landscape guarantees an efficient landscape construction process
  • We only offer affordable landscape construction in New Orleans
  • Rest assured, you will get a high quality landscape design that will perfectly fit your needs
  • We have the most professional landscapers in Louisiana to provide you with the best service

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The Difference Between Hardscapes and Softscapes

Hardscapes pertain to certain materials such as stone pavements, fences, and even plastic. Water features, decks, fencing, outdoor kitchens, and patios are considered to belong to this category. Softscapes, on the other hand, are organic installations and plants such as soil, shrubs, flowers, trees, and annuals or perennials. The services that are usually done in softscape installations comprise of landscape renovation, design, and architecture.

Both hardscape and softscape installations are common features clients look for every time they want to maintain or enhance their landscape. Big Easy Landscaping are always ready to offer much more for our clients based on their needs.

Hardscapes and softscapes are instrumental in making your landscape attractive and unique. If you want to avail on either of the two landscape installation categories, Big Easy Landscaping can provide. You can never go wrong with a company that lives up to its excellent reputation.

Putting Back the Spark on Your New Orleans Landscape, only at Big Easy Landscaping

Our concrete pavements, walls, and retaining walls do not just add beauty to your landscape. They also happen to keep washout or erosion at bay and you won’t have a hard time walking around your yard during the rainy season. Big Easy Landscaping installations are durable as they are useful. Feel free to choose from our wide array of services to keep your landscape looking good as new. Our free consultation will help you determine what’s the best service for your needs.

Our passion for landscaping is what makes us one of the most reliable landscape service provider in New Orleans. We are always happy to bring beauty to your outdoor space.




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